Who am I? That's a good question. Professionally I'm a New York-based writer and editor. Currently I edit an online culture magazine for the fashion company Aritzia. I've also worked as a deputy editor at Nylon, a senior editor at Spin, and a style editor at Rolling Stone, and I've contributed to The New York TimesMarie ClairePrint, and Men's Journal, among other publications. This is what I've wanted do since I was 14 and the editor of Paw Prints, the newspaper at Murray Middle School in Murray, Kentucky, so I guess I'm pretty lucky.

But is that who I am? Sometimes it is. Sometimes I wish it weren't. Sometimes I'm just a naive Kentucky girl who misses small-town life. Sometimes I'm a chef, impressing my friends (or at least my husband) with my fennel and onion bruschetta. Sometimes I'm an alto, singing lullabies to my son or the Durufle Requiem with my 130-member choral society. Sometimes I'm a dog walker, with just one client. Sometimes I'm a theater geek, standing in line at TKTS praying for orchestra seats. And sometimes I just want to give everything up and run away to Maine, where I'd eat blueberries all day and befriend the harbor seals. I think they'd like me. 

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